Write an editorial on the lassa fever scourge cat

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Write an editorial on the lassa fever scourge cat

Vandalism is the order of the day in Nigeria and it has no end because every Nigerian is a potential criminal. Everyone wants make money by any means. Its high time we change our attitude and orientation. Lets protect our National asset because any damage done to it will affect all of us economically Guguru LOL!

This guy uses trucks to ply his trade……this is a hardened criminal. His motive is not to fulfill basic human needs of food, clothing and or shelter but to use proceeds from illicit and illegal trade to contest for elective position in Is he really an APC man or not?

Are you pondering what am pondering? Toyin Adekunle You are useless and misguided.

write an editorial on the lassa fever scourge cat

You are the one that is biased! Suny There is no need for that because they birds of same passage! Is it the party that is important or the man has committed a crime and should face the full wrath of the law and should never ever be eligible to vote or be voted for.

If we have a lot of people like you Nigeria will perhaps be run on the basis of tribe, religion and ethnicity. Saloskani Punch should tell us the name of his party.

This is what APC have been doing all this while to survive.

write an editorial on the lassa fever scourge cat

Suny Government knows about this stealing over the years but never blink! Ogakris Femi, you seem to know the exact spots where all this is going on. The answer is clear dude …. The kind of people get same kind of leadership. May God just use one of these criminals to help the masses because these cabals will not let credible people move any close to power.

Unfortunately, he and millions of other Nigerians have to watch our collective wealth being looted and squandered by our political class. The havoc that this man and people like him cause to our economy is no where near the destruction that the politicians and senior civil servants cause to the Nigerian economy.

And he is as much of a Nigerian as they are. He is entitled to share the national wealth as they are sharing.ground of all potential pathogens to analyzing transmission dynamics among novel hosts. “Ultimately the only way we can quantify the risk of novel microbes to humans (and domestic livestock) is to create a huge phylogeny of all pathogens and their hosts,” they write.

Symptomatic Lassa fever begins, following a 7–day incubation period, as a non-specific flu-like illness. Fever, myalgia, sore throat, and cough are followed by gastrointestinal symptoms and, often, by a maculopapular rash.

Much attention is being given to the prevention of HIV infection in babies through transmission from the mother.

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By contrast, regrettably little concern is raised about the increasing numbers of babies born with congenital syphilis. In affluent countries congenital syphilis is very rare, but in many poor countries, including the newly independent countries of eastern Europe and the former.

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Sierra Leone suffers from epidemic outbreaks of diseases, including yellow fever, cholera, lassa fever and meningitis. By law, visitors entering Ghana must be able to .

Lassa fever (LF) is a zoonotic disease associated with acute and potentially fatal hemorrhagic illness caused by the Lassa virus (LASV), a member of the family Arenaviridae.

Scourge of epidemics : Accessibility and affordability of healthcare delivery