The loom summary

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The loom summary

This game was developed by a single person. If you defeat all of the demons, you will get all of the treasure. If you only kill some demons, then you will only get some bounty. If the demons kill you, then you start again.

After dying in the game, you can choose to upload your character properties to the blockchain. You can receive a digital currency bounty. Your character will be transformed into a demon and become an enemy of subsequent players.

The funds you put into the game will be added to the demon treasure. I eat demons for breakfast! We believe that everything has two sides, and looking at the same thing from different angles will give people different understandings. Thus, our setting is a lonely soul — a struggle between good and evil.

Every time a player dies, the information is uploaded to the blockchain [Project Genesis], and it will become a non-player character NPC in the game — and you can choose to be good or evil. To put it simply: Players in the game have to keep making decisions as they play, which leads to many different adventures and goals throughout.

There are three artistic styles of gameplay: You are able to grab a monster by attack or capture. Players and businesses can put gold coins on the monsters, and the gold coins live on the blockchain. There are no monsters in the creation space. All monsters are submitted by players.

Some strange creatures showed up at the hackathon: The players are the content producers and game community guardians. Cards and stories created by users benefit both the users and the game developers.

The loom summary

The story can be designed and sent on-chain by the players, who can also design cards and ultimately create a win-win environment for both the players and the developers. Players must increase the affection level of the virtual characters they are chasing.

When the affection level reachesthey win the game and get token rewards. Each player logs in with an Ethereum address. If there are any CryptoKitties in that address, and if there is a cat-like attribute in the random attributes of the virtual characters, then a certain number of affection level points are automatically added.

The virtual characters that have been chased are written to the blockchain as an ERC record. The prince and princess were cursed and bound together. They must cooperate with each other and overcome all kinds of different obstacles, while trying to get through the famous painting-filled worlds.

Check out this rolling action: She made it her mission to reach the castle.

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And during their expedition, she encountered a great archer who decided to join up with her. There are ghosts all around, but they are invisible.

The magician can make the ghosts appear, but cannot attack. The archer can attack the ghosts, but cannot see them.

Only when the two characters cooperate can they defeat the ghosts and reach the castle. Just watch the video: Remember, these developers only had 48 hours to come up with an ideas and build their games from scratch — and a good number of them used the Loom SDK.

We are interested in cities with a high density of blockchain and game developers. So, if you are capable of co-hosting and co-organizing a Loom hackathon, please email us at team loomx. Fan of blockchain gaming?

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Love to use Fruit of the Loom HD cotton over Gildan. Material is sewn together better and has less errors or dye spots. The fabric has a little smoother or softer feel than G and more dense for sure.

Loom. 21min | Short, Drama, Sci-Fi | April (USA) In a near dystopian high tech future, where everything is sterilized and many feel completely detached, a loyal chief technician in one of the plants, where meat is grown for food from protein strains, decides to grow something else.

The loom summary

See full summary» Director: Justin Tagg. Stars /10(). Dec 30,  · Hi everybody, Nancy here from creative studio Loombicious. You can now enjoy following this Rainbow Loom summary of the year !

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