The attack of mycoplasma incognita gwi during the gulf war

We found that immediate family members of veterans diagnosed with Gulf War Illnesses GWI often complain of fatigue and other problems, and upon analysis they report similar signs and symptoms as their veteran family members, except that their children are often diagnosed with Autism.

After long weeks of waiting to find out how high the casualty figures would climb during the opening round of the New World Order, relatives and friends breathed a sigh of relief when the Iraqi armies were stomped by a margin of about a thousand to one.

The troops would come back alive. They wouldn't come back healthy. In the years following, veterans have died or are dying from illnesses known commonly as GWI. Researchers are still trying to pin down the exact causes of Mycoplasma Incognita GWIbut they aren't getting very far, thanks to Want to read the rest of this paper?

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Originally, the cause of these various symptoms was assumed to be post-traumatic stress, but the persistent and varied nature of the symptoms resisted that label.

Pressure from veterans has prompted the government to investigate further the possible causes of the illness: Or were experimental drugs the cause?

The attack of mycoplasma incognita gwi during the gulf war

Or is the Vietnam Agent Orange and the Atomic fallout issue all over again? Is the government cooperating or covering up?

The attack of mycoplasma incognita gwi during the gulf war

The results so far are surprising and often conflicting. So what is this mysterious illness? GWI is a infectious, moderately contagious and potentially lethal disease, resulting from a laboratory modified germ warfare agent called Mycoplasma fermentans incognitus.

There was actually up to 15 such agents used in Desert Storm by Iraq, only three of which have been identified.

Get instant access to over 50, essays.The Gulf Bio War How a New AIDS-like Plague Threatens Our Armed Forces by Alan R. Cantwell, Jr., M.D. What is the common thread which weaves through the occurrence of the highly contagious disease known as the Gulf War Syndrome, which has struck as many as 60, veterans?

In one of our published studies, about one-half of Gulf War veterans and their family members with GWI suffer from unusual chronic infections, as from the microorganism Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitus), found in their white blood cells. This airborne infection can .

For Gulf War Illness/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyaligia Syndrome (GWI/CFIDS/FMS) use, the recommended dose is mg/day (oral, x mg capsules) for each 6 week cycle of therapy. Initially, doxycycline initially exacerbates symptoms (Herxheimer reactions or adverse antibiotic responses, such as transient fever, skin, gut discomfort, etc.) but these are usually gone within 2 .

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Gulf War illness, the multisymptom condition resulting from service in the Gulf War, is the most prominent health issue affecting Gulf War veterans, but not the only one.

GWI is the direct health consequence of prolonged exposure to low (non-lethal at the time of exposure) levels of chemical and biological agents released primarily by direct Iraqi attack via missiles, rockets, artillery, or aircraft munitions, and by fallout from allied bombings of Iraqi chemical warfare munitions facilities during the day war.

The attack of mycoplasma incognita gwi during the gulf war