Sniffing attacks prevention and detection techniques

Types of Man-in-the-Middle Attacks Rogue Access Point Devices equipped with wireless cards will often try to auto connect to the access point that is emitting the strongest signal. Attackers can set up their own wireless access point and trick nearby devices to join its domain. This is dangerous because the attacker does not even have to be on a trusted network to do this—the attacker simply needs a close enough physical proximity.

Sniffing attacks prevention and detection techniques

There are many tools and softwares widely available and for free of cost which can carry out many attacks over the network and violate the privacy of users, such tools like Sniffers[3] monitors data traveling over a network, it either can be of authorized or unauthorized function.

It was Sniffing attacks prevention and detection techniques initially as a Network Analyzer to help the Administrator to perform health check and maintain the network activities; however it is used today to redirect the traffic and access confidential files.

Traditionally, research in the area of information and communication security focused on helping developers of systems prevent security vulnerabilities in the systems they produce, before the systems are released to customers.

Internal as well as external are of the outmost importance when it comes to information security, but need to be complemented with more depth research for developing detection and prevention mechanisms, and studying internal threats.

The research plan we followed in our work presented here are as follows: Some network expert consider it as a DataLink Layer protocol because it only operates on the local area network or point-to-point link that a host is connected to[5].

Sniffing attacks prevention and detection techniques

For more details about Internet Protocols Suits; see appendix [1] 1. So simply when the ARP request is broadcasted to all PC's on the network it asks the following question: We will know afterward this kind of exploitation is called "poisoning the ARP cache".

Sniffing attacks prevention and detection techniques

Afterward the IP address which consists of 32 bit will be converted to 48 bit Ethernet address, by the suitable encapsulation mechanism. ARP defines the exchanges between network interfaces connected to an Ethernet media segment in order to map an IP address to a link layer address on demand.

Link layer addresses are hardware addresses although they are not unchallengeable on Ethernet cards; where the IP addresses are logical addresses assigned to machines attached to the Ethernet. Accordingly a Datalink layer address is known by other names, i.

However, the correct term from the kernel's perspective is "Link Layer Address" because this address can be changed via command line tools [50].

What is a man-in-the-middle attack?

The table below is showing, a list of services and ports used by TCP protocol: It is a method of attacking an Ethernet local area network by updating the target ARP cache with a forged ARP request and reply packets[9]. This will try to change the target MAC address by another one which the attacker has a control on it.

Kindly notice in our research that the following terms; Spoofing, Poisoning and Cache Corrupting are referring to the same term. Furthermore, since ARP is considered as a trusted protocol within the network and is not designed to deal with malicious activities in the network, so attackers found unusual ways to illegitimately penetrate into the network; causing harmful costs.

These harms or costs can be much worse when the attacker tries to impersonate another user, performs Man-in-the-Middle attacks MiMor even causes Denial of Service DoS on a Server or even the whole Network[11]. Thanks to the British comedian Arthur Robertswho introduced the word "spoof" to the world in the 19th century.

Why it is so difficult to detect sniffers? Besides it is not easily for user to detect the sniffing since this kind of attacks is generating usual traffic over the network.

A New MAC Address Spoofing Detection Technique Based on Random Forests

While talking about the requirement and resources; sniffing is only requiring a standard machine connected over the network with normal hardware configurations and there is no need to special requirements or high performance. Let us recall how the communication happens on an Ethernet LAN.

As we early stated that all communications in layer 2 is based on the MAC address, so for any PC wants to talk to a target on the network is has to address it to the target's MAC address. It also used to perform some other attacks, for instance:Jamming and Anti-jamming Techniques in Wireless Networks: A Survey Abstract: Because of the proliferation of wireless technologies, jamming in wireless Jamming attacks are a subset of denial of service (DoS) attacks in which malicious nodes block legitimate communication by causing intentional interference none of existing .

Sniffing Attacks Prevention/Detection Techniques in efficient techniques to protect it, is the most targeted research area for security experts. For instance, what so called the Man-in-the-Middle attack [MiM] and Denial Sniffing Attacks, ARP cache poisoning, Man-in-the-Middle [MiM], Intrusion Prevention.

Today, security devices, such IDS’s (An intrusion detection system) [26] and IPS’s (An Intrusion Prevention System)[27], have become a standard component of security solutions used to protect computing assets from hostile attacks. Feb 24,  · Many techniques have been proposed to detect MAC address spoofing, as it is a major threat to wireless networks.

First, sequence number techniques [ 25, 26 ] track the consecutive frames of the genuine wireless device. Learn how to prevent network sniffing and network eavesdropping, including preventing hackers from installing system and network monitoring software, by installing endpoint security encryption.

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ARP spoofing attacks can be run from a compromised host on the LAN, or from an attacker's machine that is connected directly to the target LAN.

ARP spoofing detection and prevention software The techniques that are used in ARP spoofing can also be used to implement redundancy of network services.

For example.

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