Route 66 photo essay

To this day the road still beckons travelers from all over the globe, encouraging them to drive the road and discover its secrets. The state of California is where the road ends, right on the Santa Monica Pier, and through its miles in the state it comes across a whole bunch of fun attractions. I showcase my favorite ones below and you can see my trip guides for traveling the California portion yourself below as well. I can't wait to finally drive the whole thing and I guarantee that if you spend some time exploring this road in California you will feel the same.

Route 66 photo essay

For more than three decades, the bridge was a significant landmark for travelers driving Route Multiple rock ledges just under the surface made this stretch of the Mississippi River extremely dangerous to navigate.

Route 66 photo essay

In the s, the Corps of Engineers built a low-water dam covering the Chain of Rocks. Back inat the time of the construction of the bridge, the Chain was a serious concern for boatmen.

For more than three decades, the bridge was a significant landmark for travelers driving Route The bridge’s colorful name came from a mile shoal, or series of rocky rapids, called the Chain of Rocks beginning just north of St. Louis. Ontario's Classic Car Show September Contact us at for more information. Images of 66 Volume 1 and Volume 2 - ROUTE 66 Photo Essay Books. 95 likes. I M A G E S of 66 is a photographic journey along the length of the Mother.

The bridge was to be a straight, foot wide roadway with five trusses forming 10 spans. Massive concrete piers standing 55 feet above the high-water mark were to support the structure. Chain of Rocks Bridge postcard c. Riverboat men protested the planned bridge because it was to run near two water intake towers for the Chain of Rocks pumping station.

Navigating the bridge piers and the towers at the same time, the river captains argued, would be extremely treacherous for vessels and barges. Besides, the initial straight line would have put the bridge over a section of the river where the bedrock was insufficient to support the weight of the piers.

Either way, the bridge had to bend. Construction started on both sides of the river simultaneously inand the piers were complete by August of The Mississippi River had other plans.

Floods and ice slowed the work, and the Chain of Rocks Bridge finally opened to traffic in July of Then, as now, actual expenditures for construction often exceed projected costs. The bridge had beautifully landscaped approaches. A park-like setting around a pool and a large, ornate toll booth anchored the Missouri end.

On the Illinois side, elm trees lined the approach. The bridge brought travelers into St.

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Louis by way of the picturesque Chain of Rocks amusement park on the Missouri hills overlooking the river. On a clear day, crossing the Chain of Rocks Bridge was a real pleasure. That pleasure became an official part of the Route 66 experience inwhen the highway was rerouted over the bridge.

At the same time, wartime gas rationing reduced traffic.

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Chain of Rocks Bridge courtesy of Trailnet Inthe New Chain of Rocks Bridge carrying Interstate opened just 2, feet upstream of the old bridge, which closed in The bridge deteriorated, and during the s, Army demolition teams considered blowing it up just for practice.

Indemolition seemed imminent. Fortunately for the bridge, a bad market saved the day. The value of scrap steel plummeted, making demolition no longer profitable.The Hackberry General Store in Hackberry, Arizona, is a makeshift Americana museum where visitors can see a collection of roadside memorabilia from historic Route Download route 66 stock photos.

Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. Download 66 route 66 stock photos. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. Photo Essay Route 66, The Western Way. ROUTE 66 was once a bustling highway, the bloodline for any American looking to travel West.

But is now a decaying remnant of a forgotten time. Built in , Route 66 started in Chicago and traveled 2, miles to its destination point in Santa Monica. Route 66, stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles, was established Nov.

11, And we can celebrate that thanks to the work of Delgadillo and a few Seligman residents.

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Arizona is the state that. Route 66 is the ultimate road trip. I shot this photo last summer at an intersection on Route 66 in Miami, Oklahoma. The 4-way stop sign is mounted on a concrete block in the middle of the intersection.

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