Nano generators

Free Electricity from Nano Generators Throw away your batteries. Tiny nanowires could power medical implants, even your iPod. Now researchers have demonstrated that easy-to-make, inexpensive nanowires can harvest mechanical energy, possibly leading to such advances as medical implants that run on electricity generated from pulsing blood vessels and cell phones powered by nanowires in the soles of shoes.

Nano generators

Since the invention of the light bulb, we have always strived to find a better way to power it.

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First there was direct current, then alternating current; then the more portable sources like batteries, rechargeable batteries, fuel cells and technologies invoalving the use of alternative resources of energy wind, solar, hydroelectric, etc.

But in the field of electronics, size is an important parameter as devices grow smaller and smaller every day whilst providing a greater amount of power and using lower input energy. There is energy everywhere around us in our living environment.

It is up to us to figure out a way to transform this energy to do some useful work.

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If we just look at our body for example, it consists of neurons constantly firing electric signals throughout the body to process response and generate stimuli electrical energyit also consists of many links and mechanisms which do work like when we walk our footsteps generate about 67 Watts of power or our finger movement produces 0.

Even though these sort of outputs cannot power big electrical devices, if transformed accurately it can be used to power small electronic circuits.

Nano generators aim to do just that. In this article we will look into the Nano generators from conception to how they work to what they hold in store for our future. A Nanogenerator is a term used by scientists to describe a small electronic chip which transforms mechanical or thermal energy produced by minute physical reaction into electricity.

Viewed from the naked eye, it looks like lines and boxes but, underneath all that when viewed through a microscope lies a complex system. It was first proposed by Dr.

Nano generators

Zhong Lin Wang and his colleagues at Georgia Institute of Technology in and they had developed the first Nanogenerator for a self-powered system. Mechanical is energy although small, is available in plenty in various forms in the environment.

It can be light wind, body motion, muscle stretching, sound waves, noises, vibrations, blood flow etc. The table below shows the mechanical energy from typical body motions and the theoretical electric energy that can be obtained from it.Ultrasonic Nano Silver Generator IONX is the first home appliance to use ultrasound in the manufacture of silver nanoparticles.

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Device evolves colloidal silver technology while improving the effectiveness of the silver hydrosol. Some colloidal silver generators simply leave this component out since it is cumbersome to implement, and often /5(82). NANO Nitrogen Generator. NANO N-Series Nitrogen generators.

The advanced nano N2 plus range of Nitrogen generators use integrated Adsorbent Media Tube (AMT) drying cartridges to provide dehydration of the compressed. Apr 27,  · Today’s portable electronics (except for self-winding watches and crank radios) depend on batteries for power.

Now researchers have demonstrated that easy-to Author: Kevin Bullis. Apr 27,  · Today’s portable electronics (except for self-winding watches and crank radios) depend on batteries for power. Now researchers have demonstrated that easy-to-make, inexpensive nanowires can Author: Kevin Bullis.

Nano electric generator is different from other conventional generators in the sense that it does not have the rotating parts it operates on the principle of piezo-electric effect.

Working Mechanism

The source for the generation of electricity is different types of vibrations. The micro/nano bubble generator is using a simple method to solve micro bubbles in a liquid.

This bubble generator uses the properties of the vortex pump turbine and effectively solves gas with a liquid or two liquids, and adding it under pressure into a process.

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