Kuroko overwriting a hard

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Kuroko overwriting a hard

He was a power forward and the only third year among the starting five of Rakuzan. Like Tetsuya Kurokohe possesses the ability of Misdirection. After the Winter Cuphe retired along with the rest of the third years. His jersey number is 5. Contents [ show ] Appearance Mayuzumi has medium-length grey hair and an extremely blank gaze, even blanker than that of Tetsuya Kuroko.

He is tall, and of an average build.

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On court, he wears the blue and white Rakuzan jersey with the number 5. According to Furihata and AomineMayuzumi bears a resemblance to a certain someone. Due to his lack of presence most of his team members had a hard time even remembering anything about his playing style.

He has high self respect and only does what makes him happy, such as reading light novels in his free time. However, he is also a realist and aware of his own limitations.

Invincible Shadow Kuroko plays shogi with Imayoshi to learn how Akashi thinks. Imayoshi and the rest of the Generation of Miracles learn some things about Kuroko along the way.
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Chapter Text Kuroko Tetsuya was not an evil guy.

Mayuzumi is resentful and gets easily annoyed, as is shown by how he reacts to his teammates suddenly changing their minds about him after he makes the first string.

Mayuzumi can be blunt and quite rude as he swears and criticizes often, at least internally. Despite this, he is diligent and does his job in supporting the team. In contrast to Kuroko Tetsuya, who dedicates himself to teamwork and supporting others, Mayuzumi has shown little interest in solidarity and claims to only pass for his own sake.

He was, however, approached by Akashi, who saw the hidden talent in him and told him to cancel his resignation. Shutoku match of the Winter Cup, though he remained unnamed and makes few appearances apart from being responsible for marking Midorima during the first half of the game, including a double team with Mibuchi.

Finals Mayuzumi participates in the warm up of the Seirin vs. Rakuzan game with his teammates. He is shown ignoring Hayama calling out to him during the warm up.

The second quarter begins, and Mayuzumi is marked by Mitobewho he avoids by using M isdirection to pass to Mibuchi. The Seirin team is astonished by the existence of another player with the ability to use Misdirection.

In a counterattack Mayuzumi is about to use his misdirection but is blocked by Mitobewho predicted the direction of his pass. Mayuzumi then lowers his defense on Furihata, since the latter had only acted as a support figure up to that point. He mocks Kuroko, thinking he will only let his team down.

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With the ball, Mayuzumi faces Kuroko and dribbles past him, irritated by his pointless determination. Mayuzumi scores more baskets, to the enjoyment of the audience.

He tells Kuroko that there is no chance that he, could beat him as the new model of the phantom sixth man. Kuroko had purposely made Mayuzumi stand out so it would be easier for him to vanish and to disable his misdirection [9].

He decides to pass to Hayamawho misses the shot because the pass was too low. Akashi steals the ball to get the flow back but has to face Kagami in the Zone.

Mayuzumi decides to intervene and uses his still working misdirection to pass to Nebuya. He then claims he will stay in the shadows to stop being overwritten. Facing Kuroko once more, he mocks his weak pressure in defense, knowing he wants him to break through.With the overwriting process completed, Kuroko's pass from Misdirection has managed to find Kiyoshi, who then takes on Nebuya.

Kiyoshi ferociously posterised Nebuya, with the crowd cheering and at the same time, surprised at Kuroko's kaja-net.com: Winter Cup Finals. But I was glad to see Kuroko going back to the court, and even better, pushing Mayuzumi into the light and himself retreating into the shadows once more.

Pure build-up episode seeing as we're entering the latter half of the 3rd quarter, which is definitely gonna be another critical point in the game.

Hello fellow *Whatever species you identify as*, we are possibly the worst group of players banded together but that don't let that stop you from entering the channel and losing some of your all.

But Kuroko's plainness lets him pass the ball around without the other team noticing him, and he's none other than the sixth member of the Miracle Generation. Crunchyroll - Kuroko's Basketball 5/5. Kuroko Tetsuya was not an idiot.

Aomine was looking at him with the look that clearly said he thought he was insane, but Imayoshi's grin merely grew. "Think about it; the Vanishing Drive against Shuutoku - it threw Midorima and Takao off, disrupting the flow of the game in Seirin's favour.


kuroko overwriting a hard


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