How to write a review on grubhub

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How to write a review on grubhub

Website 11 comments I have ordered several times via Grubhub over the last couple months and wondered why I could not access the review function for any of the restaurants while logged in. Contacted their "customer service chat" and received various excuses from the rep, including that it was too early to review the restaurant I ate in that day and it would take 2 hours, which he then changed to 24 hours when I said it had been more than 2 hours, and then somehow changed to 72 hours.

He also tried to tell me I'd already reviewed the past restaurants when I had not. Hung up on chat and fired off an email, resulting in my receiving a telephone call from a totally different rep telling me that GrubHub had changed its whole review policy so that you would only be able to write a review after 3 days and then would only have 1 day to write it and furthermore their staff had only done this change 2 or 3 weeks ago and hadn't had time to update the FAQ or website to reflect it.

It sounds to me like they are making the review process super complicated so people just won't leave reviews even if they are good. I told the rep I would be ordering via OrderUp, which allows me to leave reviews, until GrubHub gets its act together. Food, Idea of the service, Ease of website.

Misleading info, Inability to review restaurants.

how to write a review on grubhub

Review is a subjective opinion of poster. Yes 18 No 0 Report.Access to Seamless and Grubhub’s users can be critical to a restaurant’s business if it does a substantial amount of online ordering. Both Seamless and Grubhub, however, take such a sizable fee for each order that may make a restaurant think twice before signing up.

Write a review on! I will most certainly be recommending you guys to friends and family and never again will I take out the expensive insurance with the hire car company." After writing my original review, Tripcover very kindly offered a refund of the original premium to help defray some of the out of pocket costs.

how to write a review on grubhub

Writing successful grant applications is a long process that begins with an idea. Although many people think of grant writing as a linear process (from idea to proposal to award), it is a circular process. reviews of GrubHub "DAAAMNN! Look at all those bad reviews. I been ordering through GrubHub since and had about 3 issues with them.

Write a Review. W Washington St Ste Chicago, IL () DAAAMNN!

Look at all those bad reviews.1/5(K). You can rate and review any Grubhub order. On the website, just click the “How was your last order?” alert to start the process. On the app, a blue banner prompting you to rate your last order displays—to start the process, click “Yes”.

You have the option to write a review or just leave a rating. May 26,  · Hi, I was just wondering if I could get some tips on how to write a good TA review on a hotel, restaurant, and attraction.

I have written reviews in the past, but I .

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