Gates millenium scholarship essay questions

A Complete Application Consists of: Continuing Gates Millennium Scholars may request funding for a graduate degree program in one of the following discipline areas: That vision of Bill and Melinda Gates was funded by a historic grant of more than 1 billion dollars to the United Negro College Fund UNCF —still the largest single gift to any scholarship organization. One of the most unique aspects of the GMS Program is the partnership and collective efforts of the four partner organizations providing services to the continuing Gates Millennium Scholars.

Gates millenium scholarship essay questions

Your dream college might not offer your dream scholarship.

Gates Millennium Scholars Program 2016

Although the process for applying for outside scholarships can be more Gates millenium scholarship essay questions than applying for institutional scholarships i. You can use outside scholarships at any college of your choosing so that dream college with poor financial aid can still be a real possibility.

Some of these scholarships are designed for top academic performers, but others are based off of community service or leadership, an artistic work, a science project, or an essay.

There is something for everyone on this list so take a look through, and start working for some extra college cash! The scholarship is designed to reward students who have succeeded in and out of the classroom and who may not be able to attend college without financial assistance.

Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement and financial need, participation in leadership and school activities and work experience.

Gates millenium scholarship essay questions

Preference is given to students with an interests in the automotive or related industry and to students who plan to major in a STEM field.

First-generation college students, minorities, females, military veterans and their dependents are also given preference.

The competition is designed to recognize students with talents related to math, science, and technology and who have engaged in scientific research. Applicants submit a research report relating to scientific research they have engaged in.

Reports are judged based off of scientific importance, creativity, field knowledge, comprehensiveness, interpretation, literature review, potential for future work, clarity, presentation and teamwork in the case of team submissions Amount: One of the biggest scholarships available in the country awarding general academic achievement and leadership.

Davidson Institute for Talent Development Amount: The scholarship awards students who have completed significant work in fields related to one of its focus categories: The scholarship recognizes students who have faced and overcome great obstacles and who demonstrate a commitment to use their college degree in service to others.

Involvement in extracurricular and community service activities, proof of adversity faced and overcome, and answers to four short essay questions. The scholarship provides college funds to minority high school students who show leadership potential and demonstrate financial need.

The scholarship is designed to provide funds to students with financial need who have demonstrated academic achievement and who have been leaders in their communities. Students must live in an area covered by a RMHC, 2.

Scholastic performance, involvement in the community, financial need, and essay content Voice of Democracy Scholarship Amount: The scholarship is designed to give students the opportunity to express their democratic ideas and principles by recording a minute speech related to an annual theme.

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Students are evaluated based on the treatment of the theme, clear expression and organization of ideas, and the delivery of the speech. Determination to succeed, future goals, ability to communicate hardships, self-motivation, and demonstrated need for financial aid.

Financial need is weighted more strongly than academic metrics and students on the lower end of the eligible GPA spectrum are highly encouraged to apply. Covers all unmet need and self-help aid, renewable Number of Awards: Academic performance, community service and leadership activities, and demonstrated need Amount: The scholarship awards students who have done original scientific research.

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Applicants submit a research report which is evaluated by Ph.The Bill Gates Millenium Scholarship (GMS) for outstanding minority students was a fantastic program. talented students would receive a GMS Millenium scholarship each year. The scholarship was targeted toward minorities with significant financial need who have high academic achievement and leadership potential.

Hi, I had two questions. First, I wanted to know based on my stats if should I apply to Gates in the first place. Continuing Gates Millennium Scholars may request funding for a graduate degree program in one of the following discipline areas: computer science, education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public health or science.

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Scholarships Sorted By Discipline Scholarship Sources in red are scholarships local to WCPSS students. The Gates Millennium Scholarship, part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is an excellent program that helps to close this gap by offering an extremely generous scholarship program, mentorship, and other resources to low-income, high-performing minority students.

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