Friend influence essay

Sponsor This Essay I believe in friendship.

Friend influence essay

It could be your family, teachers, or your friends. Life is full of positive and negative things altogether. Then, my life was full of negative things such as dropping out of school, cheating and also sleeping in the class.

My close friend, Nicky is the most important person in my life, because she has transformed me from a stubborn person into a flexible person and shown me how to be patient for the potential life. We have been friend for twelve years. We first met in primary school.

Friend influence essay

Initially, Friend influence essay hated her so much. She told the teacher while I was merrily cheating, and I got a punishment. She was such a monster at that time. Afterward, she gave me an apology and promised to offer me an extra tuition. Nicky is quite arrogance and clever.

She is big and fat, with tan skin and curly dark hair. She usually wears cutie clothes which are trendy and fashionable.

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Nicky is a bookworm, she enjoys reading and being with a book. She spent a lot of time in the library, and I always enjoy with her. While we were in the class, she was the most dignified student. Teacher always asked her to the board and let her explain the lesson to us. She got an A in every month.

Now I am a bookworm and got an A too. I read a lot of books, pay attention in class and avoid cheating. From that moment, I totally knew Nicky and I were going to have a close friend. Thereafter, we spent a lot of time together. She has got a fantastic sense of humor, she always makes me laugh.

On the other hand, she's a little bit mature; sometimes she acted like my parent. She taught me everything as the same as my parent does. It really makes me feel warmer when we were together. She encouraged me in studying and supported me while I was falling down. Because I am absolutely stupid, I do not know how much energy she has when she tries to explain me a lesson.

I confessed that I was so immature and emotional sometimes. But she never let me down. She still stands by me until I can control myself and apologize to her. She said "Tolerance" is something that I must learn and keep it in mind. And for now I still try to be a tolerant person.

It has been a few months; I try to do the same thing as the baby sitter. I took care of five children. At the beginning, it was going well; the children were cute and respectful. Later on, it was like a world war III; the children started fighting, crying, and shouting.

I stopped and separated them but they didn't care. Then, of course I joined with them. Since then I never baby-sit and never visit them again. Now I know that it is the part of tolerance that I extremely hasten add it in my mind.

To summarize, when we drifted apart, I will not forget her, and I also believed that her influence was something I would carry with me for the rest of my life. She taught me so many things about studying hard and enjoying life. I know I will face many new challenges in university, but I also know that if I did not be her friend or she did not tell the teacher, I will not be able to carry my life until now.Friends influence Essay Sample Which is more important friends or family.

There have been strong debates about whether friends have more influence than family on young people or not. Short essay on my favourite food pizza identity versus self concept essay the federalist papers introduction summary essay junk food in school essay, autobiography of a school bag essay about myself my best friend essay in english words poems shujog research paper an argumentative essay on marijuana energy of the future nuclear fusion research papers, auto biographical essay anti gravity.

Jul 16,  · My close friend, Nicky is the most important person in my life, because she has whose influence transformed me from a stubborn person into a very flexible person character and shownme how to be patient for the potential life. How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie's book How to Win Friends and Influence People gives several proven methods and examples on how to succeed in a business world where it is not what you know all the time but who you know.

Friends Essay by Mitchell Scott Topic: What friendship means to me Friendship is a relationship that is needed in a society of ours. Your friends don't just influence your decisions but they can alter your view of the world, change your perception and turn you into a different person!!

Free Essay: How to Win Friends and Influence People By: Dale Carnegie Table of Contents 1. Fundamental Techniques in Handling People 2. Six Ways to Make.

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