Freedom of expression in india

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Freedom of expression in india

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In the tweet that landed Faesal in trouble, he wrote: The state government initiated a departmental inquiry and said that Faesal has failed to maintain absolute honesty and integrity in discharge of duties. General Administration Department initiated the disciplinary proceedings at the request of the Centre's Department of Personnel and Training.

Screen shots of the posts made by you in your twitter account are enclosed," the letter by the commissioner secretary of GAD read. We are not mere pen-pushers who have no business to participate in the larger debate around social issues, Faesal said.

Facebook GAD noted that Faesal allegedly "failed in maintaining absolute honesty and integrity in discharge of official duty and thus acted in a manner unbecoming of public servant".

Faesal, who is currently in the United States, told Firstpost, in an email interview that he saw this call for departmental action totally misplaced and against the freedom of speech. He said government officials can't be asked to detach themselves completely from moral questions of the society they live in.

The civil services have become a new craze in Kashmir after students, who earlier chose medical and engineering, desperately started thronging new initiative taken by the serving bureaucrats and police officers to coach local youth. In fact, Jammu and Kashmir has a small fraction of officers in the civil services and Faesal is not new to controversies.

He has in the past written many controversial opinion pieces. Faesal, in another tweet, responded in a sarcastic manner and called it a 'Love letter'. He tweeted with the order attached. Love letter from my boss for my sarcastic tweet against rape-culture in South Asia.

The Irony here is that service rules with a colonial spirit are invoked in a democratic India to stifle the freedom of conscience. I'm sharing this to underscore the need for a rule change. It is completely unacceptable," Faisal said. The Ministry of Home Affairs service rules say that as long as the official says the views are personal, there is no bar on his or her writing or putting anything on social media.

There is, and has to be, a fine line between personal and professional. How can you put disclaimers on every Facebook statute, every tweet? This does reinforce our belief that whatever we say on our social media accounts will not be taken seriously," Faesal said.

Last year in December, the Jammu and Kashmir government issued a circular asking its employees to desist from using their social media accounts for any political activity by amending the conduct rules for them. Although Faesal is not bound by these rules, he said he was also a citizen of this country, and like everyone else he too has the right to air his opinion on any social issues that have a bearing on society at large.


The move by the Centre against the bureaucrat from Jammu and Kashmir was been widely condemned by residents of Jammu and Kashmir on social media. Many have said that the bureaucrat is being punished for his social media activism and because of the archaic service rules of the Indian Civil Service.

The television unfortunately pitted him against Burhan Wani and in Kashmir this did not go well. He soon become a target for no fault of his own. And now this," industrialist and social activist Shakil Qalander said.

Looks like DOPT is determined to chase shahfaesal out of the civil services.

Freedom of expression in india

How is a sarcastic tweet dishonest? How does it make him corrupt? Rally to defend rapists and lynching convicts, but act against those who critique rape culture. Sure, Faesal's tweet may have been in poor taste, but lack of aesthetics doesn't warrant a gag order when the bigger problem of rape stares us in the eye!!

Jul 11, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) presents the press freedom barometer. Union of India, March 24, Freedom of expression is protected under the Indian constitution and international treaties to which India is a party.

Politicians, pundits, activists, and the general public engage in vigorous debate through newspapers, television, and the Internet, including social media. 'Freedom Of Expression', Says Rahul Gandhi On Sacred Games Row "My father lived and died in the service of India.

The views of a character on a fictional web series can never change that," Rahul. Thee Indian constitution provides for “freedom of speech and expression” in the Fundamental Rights, it does so with caveats that such freedoms should not impinge upon laws providing for “reasonable restrictions” in the “interests of of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State, etc.

Columbia Global Freedom of Expression seeks to advance understanding of the international and national norms and institutions that best protect the free flow of information and expression in an inter-connected global community with major common challenges to address.

To achieve its mission, Global Freedom of Expression undertakes and commissions research and policy projects, organizes events.

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