Fin464 course outline

The first part of the course will cover residential real estate finance including fixed and adjustable rate mortgages and mortgage underwriting. The remainder of the course will focus on commercial real estate. Topics covered will include pro forma investment analysis, debt structures, corporate real estate, and public real estate investment. Make-up exams and quizzes are not given.

Fin464 course outline

EconomicsFinanceStarship Enterprise Pages: April 28, With the economic transition integration of Kazakhstan to the market, greatly expanding the rights of enterprises in the financial and economic activities the role of timely and qualitative analysis of the financial condition of companies has greatly increased in order to assess their liquidity, Fin464 course outline and financial stability and to find ways to improve and strengthen financial stability.

Urgency of the theme. The financial condition of the enterprise depends on the results of its manufacturing, commercial and financial activity. There is a feedback, because of the lack of funds it could lead to disruptions in the provision of material resources, hence the manufacturing process.

Financial activity should be aimed to ensure regular revenue and effective use of financial resources, compliance and settlement of credit discipline, and achievement of rational ratio of own and borrowed funds, financial stability for the effective functioning of the enterprise.

The financial condition of the enterprise - is essential characteristic of business in a certain period that gives real and potential opportunity to the companies to ensure adequate funding levels financial and economic activities and the ability to effectively implement it in future.

To determine the financial condition tributed using a number of analytical indicators: By appointment Tutors: Mr Henry Woo henrywoo baf. By appointment Time and location: Saturday Saturday 8: The goal of this course is to develop the concepts of modern financial theory and practical tools essential to corporate financial and investment decisions using case method.

Due to the nature of the course, it will be VERY case-intensive and it requires a lot of reading and discussions. Do not take the course if you do not like the case teaching approach. The course also contains lectures, problem solving and some academic paper reading. Lectures and problem sets are used to hone the skills, academic paper reading deepens the understanding, and case analyses develop our decisionmaking ability under the complex real-world situations.

The course assumes that students already have a good knowledge and understanding about basic valuation and financial analysis models. List of Topics: Basic Tools: Arbitrage and Discounting Capital Structure: Modigliani and Miller Capital Structure: Fung King Hey BldgNov 14,  · Basic Course Expanded Course Outline Exemplars.

Fin464 course outline

The expanded course outline exemplars provided below are intended to assist Basic Course Presenters in developing expanded course outlines to the third level of detail pursuant to POST regulation (a) (4).

PRINCIPLES OF INVESTMENTS (FIN) TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY - TEXARKANA Spring Course Syllabus The course grade will be determined by a series of online quizzes (usually one quiz for COURSE OUTLINE Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Chapter 2 EQUITY MARKETS.

Apr 28,  · Fin Course Outline Essay DEVELOPMENT STUDIES ACADEMIC YEAR / COURSE OUTLINE 1. Introduction Development studies is a multidisciplinary branch of social science which addresses issues of concern to developing countries. It has historically placed a particular focus on issues related to social and economic development.

INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA COURSE OUTLINE Kulliyyah / Institute Economics & Management Sciences Department / Centre Accounting Programme.

FINS – Security Analysis and Valuation FINS Security Analysis and Valuation Course Outline Semester 1, Part A: Course-Specific Information Part B: Key Policies, Student Responsibilities and Support Australian School of Business see Part B of the course outline.

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The topics covered in this course are difficult concepts. I will make every effort to provide interpretation and help you comprehend the subject matter.

Outside of the classroom it is important that you interact with the instructor and other students.

Fin464 course outline
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