Chinese swimming training program essay

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Chinese swimming training program essay

Kornspan Goal setting is one of the most important skills taught to athletes in order to help them achieve optimal performance. The goal-setting process helps athletes understand where they are currently and also where they want to go.

A mental skills training consultant or sport psychologist can teach an athlete how to set systematic goals that are focused on the process and performance rather than focused on the outcome of competition.

Chinese swimming training program essay

Leith distinguishes between subjective goals and objective goals. For example, an objective goal of decreasing time by 2 seconds in the meter freestyle event is focused on what needs to be done in order to become more successful at a specific sport.

This specific objective goal would then help the athlete be more focused on the task at hand in order to improve technical and tactical skills. Leith also distinguishes between outcome, performance, and process goals.

Outcome goals are related to winning and losing or specific results of a competition.

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These differ from performance and process goals. Performance goals are related to various statistics that can help a person improve at what she is trying to do. For example, a golfer may analyze her game and realize that she has to hit more greens in regulation.

Thus a performance goal for the season may be to improve from hitting 50 percent of the greens in regulation to hitting 60 percent of the greens in regulation. In addition to outcome goals and performance goals, a very important type of goal for athletes to set are process goals. Process goals are related to performance goals; they are what the athlete should focus on while performing a sport skill.

Chinese swimming training program essay

For example, in addition to setting a performance goal of increasing the number of greens hit in regulation by 10 percent, a golfer may also set a goal to go through the same routine before every shot.

It is thought that the more one focuses on process goals, the less that person will worry about how she performs and hopefully will then perform better.

Thus, the athlete, through learning to set process and performance goals rather than outcome goals, is setting goals that she has control over. Sport psychologists have found that athletes often set goals that are not specific and not measurable Rabasca, Also, athletes often set goals that cannot be controlled.

Athletes often set goals that focus on winning, but they may have little control over whether they win. Goals are specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic and they have a specific time frame. The above excerpt is from:The chemical reactions taking place in your swimming pool Urine, sweat, and lotions all react with treated pool water to form chemical by-products, but the jury’s still out on whether those by.

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Differences In Training Programs And Time Trial Performances Of Teenage Sprint Freestyle Swimmers John Andrew Stratman DIFFERENCES IN TRAINING PROGRAMS AND TIME TRIAL PERFORMANCES OF TEENAGE SPRINT FREESTYLE SWIMMERS.

school swimmers than a swimming only program or a program of . Step it up - Is a training tool for those who want to take their swimming program to the next level.

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Swimmers will swim approximately yards a workout. Keep it up - Is a training tool for those who want to maintain their swimmer fi tness level and perhaps. About the JROTC Leadership Program. The JROTC/Leadership and Education Training (LET) program prepares Cadets for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens.

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