Business english writing active voice

English verbs have two voices: In active voice, the person acting is clear:

Business english writing active voice

This will generate lots of examples of the past passive. What country is surrounded by …? Where is … made?

What is Passive Voice? Definition, Examples of Passive Sentences in Writing - Writing Explained

In which country was … invented? When was … invented? A geography quiz will generate lots of examples of the present passive, while the history quiz will generate examples of the past passive. The natural follow-up to any quiz like those above would be to ask the students to make a quiz themselves.

Changes lower intermediate to intermediate To elicit the passive, any number of activities involving the students talking about changes can be used. Here are some examples. Changes in your town present perfect passive Write down some changes in the town where you live over the past fifty years, e.

A new hospital has been built. Changes in the classroom present perfect passive Ask a student or students to leave the room. Make some changes in the classroom, e. Ask the students to come back into the room and guess what has been changed.

Changes in your life past passive or passive with used to Write the following words up on the board: Ask the students to think about when they were children.

They should write sentences in the past passive, or used to passive with these verbs. When I was eight years old … I was called Chuckie. I was taught to listen in class and never question the teacher. I always used to be blamed for hitting my little brother.

Ask students to prepare a tour of their workplace. Provide them with questions to help elicit the passive voice. Where are the major decisions made? Where is most of the work done? Where are the supplies kept? Scientific experiments Because a high quantity of passives occur in scientific texts, try bringing some simple ones in for students to analyse.

The website Popular Science www. A more creative exercise for general English classes would be for students to role play scientists, presenting the results of certain 'crazy' experiments.

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They would write up their mock experiments first, and then present them orally to each other. In the news Go to any news website and look for news stories that have examples of the passive.

Put together three or four of these on a worksheet.And while the correct use of active vs. passive voice is critical in academic writing, it’s just as imperative in business writing – especially when it comes to resumes. So here you have it, from someone who took years to understand it, a crash course on active vs.

passive. explains passive vs. active voice: What are passive and active voices? English verbs have two voices: active voice and passive voice.

Passive Voice Tends to be Indirect and Difficult

In active voice, the person acting is clear: “The manager wrote the report yesterday.” The person acting is the manager. Writing in Active Voice Sentences in active and passive voice both contain action verbs, but they differ in how the action relates to the subject.

In active voice, the subject performs the action. In passive voice the subject receives the action. ACTIVE VOICE: We drove the car to the movies. (In contrast, active voice focusses on the causer of an action.) Note: In an average English text, no more than 10 percent should be in passive voice.

So use the passive sparingly, prefer sentences in . Therefore, the passive voice is often used in business settings when the focus is placed on a product. By using the passive, the product becomes the focus of the sentence. As you can see from these examples, this makes a stronger statement than using the active voice.

What Is Active Voice?

Active or passive voice that is every English writer's dilemma. Some writers detest the passive voice and advise against it, others embrace it throughout their texts.

business english writing active voice

While, in general, the active voice is preferred in writing, the passive voice is essential in certain situations.

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