Blood donation persuasive speech thesis

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Blood donation persuasive speech thesis

Appeal for Blood Donation Topic: Appeal for blood donation Attention getter: My ten-year-old cousin was involved in a fatal road accident the other day, and she needed blood so urgently.

She went on the waiting list immediately, but it took us a few hours before we could get a possible donor the blood banks did not have her blood type, and we were worried. Lucky enough, a man brought his wife to deliver, and after hearing our case, he agreed to donate.

This was a relief to us all but what got me wondering is what if another patient came in with the same problem like my cousin? Persuasion topic need -To persuade the listeners to donate blood and to act their decision to donate Thesis: Imagine a situation where someone you know is really in need of a blood donor to save his or her life.

For instance if someone you know is born with a heart defect, and he or she needs an urgent blood transfusion to save their life. To save a situation similar to this or even worse, we all need to donate blood in large numbers.

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To save this situation we need to come out in large numbers to donate blood irrespective of race color or gender. People also need to be encouraged to donate blood every day because there is an increasing blood need every day.

People need to donate blood in large numbers because the according to the Red Cross the demand for blood is always there because patients in need are always admitted in the hospitals. To save the situation the government should have various donation centers where people will be donating frequently.

Positive-negative outcomes Positive outcomes in blood donation-The process of blood donation is very simple and takes only a few minutes of your time, but the impact it makes when people donate blood is significant.

The blood you give save many lives because people involved in road accidents, people having surgery, patients with cancer, women having babies are all saved when you donate blood. The demand for blood is always increasing, and when you donate blood, you will assist in meeting the demand.

The need for blood is also increasing on a daily basis because patients who require blood walk into hospitals daily and with you donation there is a guarantee that a life will be saved.

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Negative outcomes in blood donation-The negative outcomes are not so many, but it important to know that people should not donate blood if they have infectious diseases such as hepatitis or HIV. This can affect a life because of contamination in the blood. People should not also donate blood if they are underweight because it can affect their health.

Action steps I urge everyone to come out in large numbers to donate blood and encourage others to donate too.Persuasive Speech about Donating Blood.

Outline. Specific Purpose: To persuade my classmates to donate blood to the Red Cross Foundation.

Blood donation persuasive speech thesis

Thesis Statement: The Red Cross Foundation has been faced with an acute shortage of blood supply, and there needs to be an immediate call for action to ensure that people in need of the blood do not perish. Blood donation is one of the best methods for a person to increase their longevity from a life-threatening injuries or diseases.

Health care organizations are always looking for donors on an everyday basis Importance Of Blood Donation (Speech Sample) September 12, by admin Essay Samples, Persuasive Essay (13) Q&A (11) . Blood Donation Speech.

Blood donation persuasive speech thesis

Blood Line. Informative Sppech Outline. Topic: Donating blood Thesis: By donating blood you can help save lives of people around the world that are in need but also help your own health just as much.

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Persuasive Speech Monroe’s Motivated Sequence “Donating Blood” Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to donate blood regularly if their blood is safe to be transferred to another human being.5/5(1).

"Blood Donation Thesis" Essays and Research Papers. Blood Donation Thesis Juan Villacis COMM December 9, Title: MORE PEOPLE SHOULD DONATE BLOOD. I. Introduction A. Attention Persuasive Speech: Donate Blood Summary: Objective essay to persuade people to give blood.

Blood Donation. Speech Your Name: Tyra Manning-Grate Organization: Topical pattern. Topic: Blood Donation Rhetorical Purpose: To inform my audience on what to expect with blood donation.

Redemptive Purpose: To inform my audience how the process of blood .

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