An assessment of the debate on the prohibition of abortion in the united states

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An assessment of the debate on the prohibition of abortion in the united states

The sole purpose of the United States government is a form of collectivism that is supposed to protect the rights of each individual: Whether or not the substance will make the individual happier is irrelevant.

One of the reasons, proponents argue, that drug prohibition was established, or at least still remains, is to protect children.

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The fallacy of this logic is that it is nearly impossible, especially if drugs are illegal, to completely keep drugs away from children. Unless there is a substantial DEA budget increase, there will always be a black market for drugs in the United States.

In a black market, a government has absolutely no regulation over the marketing strategy or distribution of a product. Drug dealers can market and distribute drugs wherever, whenever, and to whomever they want. Children, because they are too innocent and immature to understand the consequences, are the easiest consumers for drug dealers to target, especially in poor urban neighborhoods.

A better way to keep drugs away from children is regulation rather than prohibition. For example, since cigarette companies were prohibited from selling and advertising to children, cigarette use has decreased dramatically. Children were educated about the dangers of smoking, and cigarettes became harder for children to obtain, thus reducing the number of children smoking.

A national pole taken from middle and high school students indicated that it is easier to obtain marijuana than alcohol or cigarettes. Drug prohibition does not protect children; it actually promotes situations for drug dealers and criminals to take advantage of them.

It is argued that since drugs have such negative effects, drug prohibition is necessary to prevent their use. The negative effects of drugs are well known to everyone. Certain drugs can cause heart failure, brain damage, even death, among other things.

An assessment of the debate on the prohibition of abortion in the united states

The illicit status of cocaine and marijuana were nearly the same throughout the country inso what accounted for the discrepancy? The effects of marijuana are much less severe that those of cocaine, explaining why marijuana is more widely used than cocaine. Some argue that the negative effects of certain drugs include increased risk of criminal behavior.

Cocaine, heroine, and marijuana supposedly create a sense of disillusion and distort reality in such a way that creates lapses in judgment of the user.

Assuming that certain drugs do cause criminal behavior, although many including myself are skeptical, prohibition causes even worse criminal behavior.

The black market is a completely free market with no regulation, contract enforcement, or property laws. Essentially, in the absence of any law enforcement, anarchy is formed.

Property laws, regulation and contracts must be enforced by each individual. This underground market creates astronomical amounts of crime that is many times worse than that which would occur from the result of the drug itself.The debate has become a political and legal issue in some countries with anti-abortion campaigners seeking to enact, maintain and expand anti-abortion laws, while abortion rights campaigners seeking the repeal or easing of such laws while expanding access to abortion.

Abortion laws vary considerably between jurisdictions, ranging from outright . Jan 17,  · By , 11 additional states had made similar changes to their abortion laws and four other states – New York, Washington, Hawaii and Alaska – had completely decriminalized abortion during the early stages of pregnancy.

Apr 14,  · A pregnant woman in the United States is currently more likely to die in childbirth than she is to die of breast cancer should she get it.

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measured response to the abortion debate. I still. Some of those states even passed prohibition by state-wide referendum, such as in Oklahoma in [4]. The first prohibition law was passed in Tennessee on Jan 26, [3]. After Prohibition's repeal on December 5th, many states still had prohibition.

Until the decision this week by a Belfast judge, abortion in Northern Ireland was legal only to save the life and health (including the mental health) of the pregnant woman or girl. Abortion came to be legal in the United States and the United Kingdom by an edict from the U.S.

Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade and an act of parliament in , respectively. In Ireland, the people themselves decided that mothers have the right to .

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