An analysis of the photos in my old photo album

I was Patrol Officer, boat line maint. Chief at the time.

An analysis of the photos in my old photo album

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Deleting the album will not delete the photos from your iPhone or iPad. It only deletes that album. The photos themselves will remain in collections, other albums, and in Photo Stream! Photo albums automatically generated in iOS Newer versions of iOS automatically sort some types of photos into albums for you.

For example, slo-mo videos can all be found in one album, as can panorama shots or regular videos.

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If you want to remove an entire album, just uncheck it in iTunes and sync again. Photo albums created by App Store apps Some albums created by third-party apps used to give users trouble when it came to managing them, but deleting them is actually a lot easier than some people think.

All you have to do is tap on Edit and delete the album from your phone. How do you organize your photos? Are you someone who prefers to back up your photos with iTunes?

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Or are you more of an iCloud kind of person? Regardless of how you keep your photos and videos organized, if you have any tips for better managing photos on your iPhone or iPad, feel free to share them in the comments!

This article has been updated to reflect steps from iOS Bob and Doc, your going to have to give me accouple days to find my notes. Just looking at them.

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Most of them are X-ray Plt and the MST-2 det that was attached to them was DET ALPHA. Join our Speedway Super Fan Club.

You will receive emails from the Speedway with updates for Races, Newsletter, Schedule of Events, plus win prizes on Race Day! photo albums: The ECO PAPER photo album series is a contemporary collection of earthy toned covers to nicely protect and display your photos.

Patented pages allow the same pocket to hold horizontal or vertical photos up to 4″x6″ as well as panoramic photos up to 4″x12″ vertically.

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An analysis of the photos in my old photo album

A strong geometrical shape is the key to good composition in graphic design and film and photo composition. B. For course work, for critical writing, and for professional work in the media -- learn a vocabulary to apply to visual analysis.

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Photos of SEAL Boat Suppor Personnel and their Toys