An analysis of the novel about two divergent cultures in british india by e m forester

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An analysis of the novel about two divergent cultures in british india by e m forester

Erudite, Dauntless, Amity, Abnegation, and Candor. The novel follows Tris, the main character, as she chooses her faction, becomes initiated into it, and learns more about power struggles in this post-apocalyptic world. Five Factions Divergent takes place in post-apocalyptic Chicago, and we learn that all of society has been divided into five factions, which are Erudite, whose dominant trait is intelligence; Dauntless, whose dominant trait is courage; Candor, whose dominant trait is honesty; Abnegation, whose dominant trait is selflessness, and Amity, whose dominant trait is kindness.

There are also people who are not included in any faction; these factionless people live alone, homeless and poor. Divergent opens as Beatrice is still living with her family and is preparing to take her aptitude test, which will tell her which faction she is most suited to join.

Her family is an Abnegation family, but Beatrice believes that she might not be best suited for this faction. Beatrice has one brother, named Caleb, who will also be taking the aptitude test; he is slightly older, but in the same grade at school, so they take the test at the same time.

An analysis of the novel about two divergent cultures in british india by e m forester

Aptitude Test and Choosing Ceremony While the aptitude test is an important part of this society, it does not determine automatically which faction people will enter; young adults choose at the Choosing Ceremony. It is a serious decision, since, once initiated into that faction, this is where you spend the rest of your life.

So if Beatrice were to choose a faction other than Abnegation, she would leave her family forever. Inconclusive Test Beatrice takes the test, but her results are inconclusive: Her examiner, Tori, explains to her that people who get an inconclusive result such as this are known as Divergent.

Tori warns her never to share her results with anyone, since Divergents are perceived as dangerous. Beatrice has a difficult time making her decision, but ultimately chooses Dauntless.

An analysis of the novel about two divergent cultures in british india by e m forester

Her brother, Caleb, chooses Erudite. Initiation and Peers When Beatrice, who is now going by Tris, begins her initiation into Dauntless, she learns that, unlike other factions, only the top ten initiates are accepted and the others become factionless.

Tris meets Christina, who is much more bold and aggressive than Tris. Christina gives Tris a makeover early on in the initiation process so that she will look more like a member of Dauntless. Al is a weak character, and has a difficult time adjusting to life in The Pit, as they call Dauntless headquarters.

At the same time, Tris and her friends have a hostile relationship with Peter, Drew, and Molly; the two groups often find themselves in competition. Peter, Drew, and Molly are more bullying than courageous, and are often cruel.

Eric, on the other hand, is more punitive with the initiates, and appears to have a cruel streak. Three Stages of Training Stage 1 of Dauntless training involves learning to handle guns and knives and to fight other recruits.

This is clearly geared toward physically stronger initiates, and Tris, being fairly small, ends up ranked 6th.

In Stage 2 of the training, those from Dauntless families are now training alongside those who transferred in. Unlike Stage 1, Stage 2 is all about psychological training: Tris fares very well in this stage -- partly because she is Divergent, and they can occasionally beat simulations by remaining aware of reality -- and she finishes this stage in first place.A Passage to India A Passage to India, a novel written by E.

M. Forester, is an ironic story about the divergent cultures in British, India. In this novel two women, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Quested, venture to Chandrapore, a city located in British, India, to . These studies have a clear connection to the interdisciplinary agenda of British Cultural.

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WORDS 1, View Full Essay. More essays like this: a passage to india, dr aziz, e m forester. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Exactly what I needed. The complex relationship between history and memory is brought to bear on analyses of cultural artifacts and productions including novels, films, short stories, and poems that derive from or evoke war.

The book details the two men's conversations as they sought to find a way of securing his release. Professor Willie Esterhuyse is the author of "Apartheid Must Die" "The Road of . This book, published by the War Museum of the Boer Republics and funded by the Department of Arts and Culture, consists primarily of photographs with approximately 30 pages of .

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