An analysis of the civilian based jobs out there that are close to a geologist

Navigational Information GS This series includes all classes of positions involving the acquisition, collection, evaluation, selection, and preparation of vital aeronautical or marine information for dissemination in official publications concerning safe navigation and related operations, requiring the technical and practical knowledge's of air or marine navigation and operations.

An analysis of the civilian based jobs out there that are close to a geologist

Corps of Engineers has designed and developed key historical structures throughout the United States. Architects oversee the design, development and review of drawings, manuals, and specifications for various worldwide facilities.

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Architectural projects include housing facilities, dining facilities, child development centers, hospitals, safety and protection criteria, and historical preservation.

These positions primarily review plans, materials and workmanship to ensure operations are executed in accordance with project specifications. Construction control technicians work in an inspector and representative capacity. USACE civil engineering projects include the design and development of major highways, airfields, hospitals, laboratories, dams, levees, powerhouses, embankments, and various military installation facilities.

Survey technicians collect field data to prepare navigational charts and sketch maps. Survey data collected is instrumental in the design and construction of major highways, waterways, facilities, and economical structures. Army Corps of Engineers manages one of the largest federal environmental missions: Environmental engineers conduct assessments of existing facilities and infrastructure, environment habitats, resources and natural water systems to develop ways of mitigating degradation to the environment.

They restore the environment, repair and construct new machinery, pumping, piping, hydraulic systems, gas lines, heating, ventilation, and water treatment facilities. USACE mechanical engineers also find new energy solutions for the future.Based on the management review, there are minor changes on the actual duties and responsibilities.

They don't affect the title and grade of the position. Hwang, Chu Yong. Feel free to check out the sidebar on the right, there's some pretty neat stuff in there such as AMA's from a multitude of different geologists in a multitude of fields, as well as some really neat salary surveys so you can check out the geologists from this sub and compare their experience to their salary, so you can see what jobs pay what.

I am a Gold Exploration Geologist, AMA (self I know there are better jobs out there, and I am willing to go anywhere and do anything, but don't know how long I should stay here before looking.

and never encountered anything that would even come close to being an actual barrier to success based on gender. There are different challenges. There are many civilian internship opportunities in the Army Materiel Command, and learn what job opportunities are there.

You can also see where the jobs you want are located.

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Want to be a geologist? Test out the current site or potential changes to the site ( minutes). This geologist will work close together with process or metallurgical engineer and for best each other understanding, the geologist would be prepare in metallurgical issues.

As pointed out there are various groups involved in geomet. consulting; and it certainly is an expanding area. A useful geometallurgical analysis of an orebody.

An analysis of the civilian based jobs out there that are close to a geologist

B.S. Geology, need job. Geologist jobs forums. I am a South African geologist with close to two years experience in exploration.

An analysis of the civilian based jobs out there that are close to a geologist

there's entry level jobs out there but most of them require at least 1 year of experience. No not sure you read this anymore since your post was thirty months ago but I can help you here and perhaps a few others.

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