An analysis of the character of leon

The Professional Mathilda Natalie Portmana twelve-year old New York girl, is living an undesirable life among her half-family.

An analysis of the character of leon

The Professional and Mathilda: The Amateur Today I watched the film, Leon: It's one of my absolute favorite films, and a film that really gets to me emotionally like few others do. I'm taking a course on action cinema right now, and I can think of few examples of the straight up action movie done better than this film.

Why does Leon work where so many other action films fail?

Aug 24,  · In January 15, Leon and Lola were the first Vocaloids to ever be released. The products were powered by the Vocaloid software, under license from Yamaha, and were release by UK company Zero-G Limited. Leon was a virtual male vocalist while Lola was a female's. Both of there voices came from professional singer who. Aug 24,  · The Vocaloid community have also come to see Leon and Lola as the Kaito and Meiko of the English Vocaloids. Some people even think the Kaito and Leon sound alike. If some of you feel that some of the info listed above is inaccurate or want to add something to it please leave a comment. Next In-depth character analysis will be Miriam’s. Well, that's it for this character analysis of Leon Kuwata! If you agree, disagree of just want to comment, leave a comment on what you think! I had a really fun time writing this down (even though I had to write it twice, rip) so if you want me to analysis another character, I'd be happy to do that!

The primary reason is because rather than being built around arbitrarily imposed action set pieces, the story development comes from the characters. There's not actually that much action in the film, there's the scene at the beginning, the finale and the montage of Leon and Mathilda 'cleaning' in the middle, but if you compare it to most action films, you'll find that not too much of the screentime is spent on action.

What it is spent on is character development, and this film has two of the richest characters ever seen on screen, the odd couple that the film is centered around, Leon and Mathilda.


Right from the beginning of the film, you can empathize with these characters. A large part of that is due to the acting. Natalie Portman, who has been brilliant in some recent films, hasn't ever touched this performance, which is so natural and perfect, the line between character and actor is completely obliterated, you can't even imagine that this isn't a real person walking around.

The first time I saw Mathilda, I thought wow, that looks like a miniature version of her now, but once she starts acting, you forget that this is Natalie Portman of Star Wars, it becomes Mathilda, hitgirl. On a similar note, I don't know what Jean Reno is like in real life, but I couldn't imagine him being any different from Leon.

He completely inhabits the role, and brings such an innocence to it, that you can't help but feel for the character. It's paradoxical because he is someone who kills for a living, but Reno makes you understand the humanity of the character from the very first scene.

An analysis of the character of leon

The movie theater scene sets out a lot of what's to come, as you watch this guy we previously knew only as a hardened killer get completely entranced by Gene Kelly dancing on the screen. While they're both great characters on their own, it's in their relationship with each other that they become truly special.

The scene where Mathilda is standing at the door, knocking, begging Leon to let her in always gets to me, to the point where I want to yell at Leon to open the door.

The scene turns any viewer into stereotypical black female moviegoer, yelling at the characters on the screen, and that's because it's so well made. The stakes of the scene are clear, Leon has a very particular existence, one that he would forever destroy should he let Mathilda in, and yet, he also knows that to not let her would mean she would die.

His humanity prevails, and thus begins the gradual humanization of the killer, Leon.

An analysis of the character of leon

Mathilda begging him at the door is such a powerful image, and a brilliant piece of acting from Natalie Portman. Similarly, Reno's very subtle facial expressions convey to us everything that's going through his head.

Another scene I have to make note of is the pig scene, where Leon puts on a show with his oven mitt for Mathilda. He's so goofy, and sincere in his hope to make her feel better. Basically any scene between the two of them is brilliant. The two characters are perfectly designed counterparts.

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Leon is old, but child like, while Mathilda is young, yet much more knowledgeable about the world. They form a perfect match, and just watching the two of them interact is riveting.

The ambiguity of the relationship is what provides most of the tension in the second half. Once Mathilda tells Leon she loves him, he clearly begins to question what exactly their relationship is, and how far he can go with her.A childrens book written an analysis of the character of leon by Leo Lionni.

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Well, that's it for this character analysis of Leon Kuwata! If you agree, disagree of just want to comment, leave a comment on what you think! I had a really fun time writing this down (even though I had to write it twice, rip) so if you want me to analysis another character, I'd be happy to do that!

Feb 18,  · The main characters had imitated the costume and characteristics of Leon and Mathilda. I don't know how much foreigners recognize Stephen Chow. Here is the link about this movie, in which you can see the similar costume wore by Leon Thoughts on Stuff.

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