Abstract about investors perception towards online trading

For instance, electronic service has enabled the application of Internet platform in stock trading, thereby empowering individuals across diverse location to engage in trading activities. As established by extant theories on technology acceptance, individuals are expected to exhibit different attitude and behaviour towards new technology. This study aims to develop a conceptual model, which can explain the antecedents of individual investors' intention to adopt online stock trading service. Specifically, this study identifies three new constructs trust perception, investors' knowledge and economic value by integrating theory of planed behavior TPB and technology acceptance model TAMwith perspective from transaction cost theory TCT.

Abstract about investors perception towards online trading

Recent Methodological Developments in Fuzzy Clustering and Related Topics Sadaaki Miyamoto Various applications of data analysis and their effects have been reported recently. With the remarkable progress in classification methods, one example being support vector machines, clustering as the main method of unsupervised classification has also been studied extensively.

Abstract about investors perception towards online trading

Consequently, fuzzy methods of clustering is becoming a standard technique. However, unsolved theoretical and methodological problems in fuzzy clustering remain and have to be studied more deeply.

This issue collects five papers concerned with fuzzy clustering and related fields, and in all of them the main interest is methodology.

Abstract about investors perception towards online trading

Kondo and Kanzawa consider fuzzy clustering with a new objective function using q-divergence, which is a generalization of the well-known Kullback-Leibler divergence. Among different data types, they focus on categorical data.

They also show the relations of different methods of fuzzy c-means.

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Thus, this study tends to further generalize methods of fuzzy clustering, trying to find the methodological boundaries of the capabilities of fuzzy clustering models. Kitajima, Endo, and Hamasuna propose a method of controlling cluster sizes so that the resulting clusters have an even size, which is different from the optimizing of cluster sizes dealt with in other studies.

This technique enhances application fields of clustering in which cluster sizes are more important than cluster shapes.

Cluster validity measures are generally proposed for points in Euclidean spaces, but the authors consider the application of validity measures to network data. Several validity measures are modified and adapted to network data, and their effectiveness is examined using simple network examples.

Finally, Kusunoki, Wakou, and Tatsumi study the maximum margin model for the nearest prototype classifier that leads to the optimization of the difference of convex functions. All papers include methodologically important ideas that have to be further investigated and applied to real-world problems.We investigate the drivers behind the use of alternative trading systems for a sample of self-directed online investors.

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The results show that the factors explicit transaction costs, trading times, awareness of alternative trading systems and degree of personal involvement in the transaction all exert a positive effect on an online investor's preferential use of alternative trading systems. conducted with a primary aim of getting the customer’s insights and perceptions toward Starbuck’s recent and past activities that include pricing strategy, Fair Trade activities, and other operational and management activities.

Educational Data Mining, Data mining (Data Analysis), Algorithmic Trading, Stock Market Analysis, Data Mining Teknik Association Rule Dengan Teknik Algoritma Apriori, and Investors Perception Toward Online and Offline Trading in Stock Markets.

Trading on the New York Stock Exchange, placing orders with the purpose of visual change. Once I have moved a stock price, I will redraw it on canvas with oil stick.


A stock is a representation of the claim on a company’s assets and earnings. Working papers In-depth studies for experts. Our Working Paper Series (WPS) disseminates economic research relevant to the various tasks and functions of the ECB, and provides a conceptual and empirical basis for kaja-net.com Working Papers constitute “work in progress”.

Abstract. We analyze 1, investors who switched from phone-based to online trading during the s. Those who switch to online trading perform well prior to going online, beating the market by more than 2% annually.

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