A visit to the haunted house

But KC also holds other haunted secrets—a few well-known locations around the city where a creak in the floorboards or a cold draft may be more than just a bump in the night. The Civil War broke out soon after its construction, dividing the nation and causing friends, neighbors and even brothers to take up arms against one another. The historic Battle of Westport, which took place inoccurred just a few blocks from the Wornall family home.

A visit to the haunted house

Find Tours Click to find bookable tours and activities here St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum has been the subject of more than a few of these alleged hauntings. Some claim they smell the smoke from a phantom cigar; an old 19th century keeper was reportedly fond of taking an evening smoke.

Others hear footsteps on the staircase, or see a shadowy figure at the top of the light, reportedly the spirit of a painter who fell while touching up the building. You can also hear the laughter of the two young daughters of a lighthouse keeper, both of whom drowned when a cart they were playing in rolled into the ocean.

There are also rumors that executed pirates have been buried on the grounds as well. The Mystery House, one of the most haunted buildings in America, has been approved to let guests stay overnight and drink booze anywhere on premises.

Sounds like the start of an excellent horror flick. Built in the s by Winchester Rifle heiress Sarah Winchenster, the Mystery House is a winding maze of staircases to nowhere, tiny hallways, and trap doors.

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According to legend, Sarah came to believe she was haunted by the spirits of those killed by Winchester Rifles, and for 40 years until her death, she worked under the guidance of spirit mediums to turn her personal residence into a kind of "spirit trap" created to confuse the ghosts that stalked her.

The result is a room mansion built without blueprints and makes absolutely no sense. Employees found all kinds of turn-of-the-century goodies inside, including a sewing machine, an organ, a couch, a dress form, and some paintings. All together, that means the house has at least rooms, including 9 kitchens, 13 bathrooms, 40 staircases, 47 fireplaces, doors, and 10, windows.

Louis, MO The thing about wealthy family empires-- when they finally topple, they have a long fall down to rock bottom. Take the Lemps for example. The family of German immigrants grew a small grocery store into the first brewery to distribute their sweet, life-giving elixir across the nation, becoming one of the wealthiest and most influential families in St.

Louis in the process.

A visit to the haunted house

But, Prohibition, divorce, death, and depression soon brought down the Lemps-- and most of the really dark stuff went down in their stately home, Lemp Mansion. InJohn Adam Lemp came to St. Louis from Germany, like many immigrants during his day.

He opened a humble grocery store, but soon found that he was selling more of his homemade lager than anything else-- his father had taught him the art of brewing back in Germany, and he aged the beer in a nearby cave.

He decided to get out of grocering and open a brewery, which was a good idea His son, William J. Lemp, grew the business even more, taking it across the nation with refrigerated railcars, and then across the world. William Lemp had been grooming his fourth son, Frederick, to take control of the family business, but Frederick died at the tender age of 28 from a mysterious illness.

To make matters worse for William, his dear friend, Frederick Pabst yes, that Pabst died shortly after. Less than two months later, William was dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His body was found in the family mansion.

Things only got worse for the Lemps Both struggled with deteriorating relationships and the loss of the family business. After Prohibition inthe brewery was shut down, and the brewery building sold for pennies on the dollar.

The final Lemp suicide was William Sr. He never married, and was known for doing sort of strange things Louis funeral home with weird, specific instructions upon his death:This time it's Tommy who is the brave one and insists that they both go into the house to retrieve the kite.

Really, this is where the adventure begins. Oh my, the frightening things they encounter, all with delightful pop-ups, pull outs and small springs.

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Today the house is said to be visited by the spirits of Yankee Jim Robinson, Thomas Whaley, Anna Whaley, their daughter Violet, and other children who died in the building.

Make reservations for the special Halloween Oil . Oct 31,  · “The haunted house industry is a worldwide phenomenon. The Halloween industry is an American thing, but the haunted house side of it is worldwide,” says Kirchner.

Chamber of Horrors is to the haunted-house world what Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is to the kids’ lit world: a gruesome, genuinely disturbing experience that will haunt you for decades to. This time it's Tommy who is the brave one and insists that they both go into the house to retrieve the kite.

Really, this is where the adventure begins. Oh my, the frightening things they encounter, all with delightful pop-ups, pull outs and small kaja-net.coms: 6.

Shop by category I almost felt like part of the attraction the second time. They really got my
Find a copy in the library More In the past few decades, the haunted house has evolved from hayrides and corn mazes to full on theatrical productions.
4 Best (And Worst) Haunted Houses to Visit in the US But there are plenty in every corner of the U. The tours and the official Web sites may not say too much about the specters seen in the houses, but the legends persist.
Combination Packages The Ancient Ram Inn: Nevertheless, there are countless stories of ghostly sightings at The Ancient Ram Inn; and worse still are the tales of forceful interference, physical assault and even demonic rape at this little old Gloucestershire pub.

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A visit to the haunted house

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